Swan Woods Trail

atlanta_1The Peace Tree features several small birds, reflecting those in the Gardens for Peace logo. The five figures surrounding the tree represent the five continents.

The first Garden for Peace was dedicated in April, 1988, during the official signing of the Atlanta-Tbilisi Sister City agreement.

Located at Station #16 on the Swan Woods Trail at The Atlanta History Center, which was developed by the Peachtree Graden Club, the Garden features a 14-foot life-size bronze statue created by Gia Japaridze, an artist from Tbilisi, in what is now the Republic of Georgia.

atlanta_5Japaridze’s sculpture, The Peace Tree, is based on a combination of the Gardens for Peace logo and a logo which was used at a Friendship Force meeting in Richmond, VA., in 1987. It features five life-size figures holding hands around a tree, a symbol of people from every continent joining hands to further the cause of peace throughout the world.

The garden itself features plants native to Georgia and is situated under a mature forest canopy of oak, hickory and pine trees with understories of secondary pines, shrubs, and ferns. A small bench sits in the shadows of the sculpture, inviting momentary solitude for all who visit.

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