Recommending A Garden

The Board of Directors and the members of Gardens for Peace are continually reviewing and evaluating gardens for inclusion in the network. There may be one in your area. If you would like to nominate a garden for consideration, you can download our nomination form and send it to us! Please include photographs.

If the garden you are designing as a Garden For Peace is approved an official garden marker will be purchased for your garden site.

Click here to go to our nomination form.

General Criteria

Any garden considered for designation as a member of the international network of Gardens for Peace must meet certain, general criteria. For example, the garden must have a feeling of peace and tranquility, as well as a sense of safety and refuge. It must provide a sense of enclosure and offer visual stimuli in terms of line, form, color and texture, as well as non-visual stimuli, such as running water or fragrant scents. In addition, while some gardens may charge an admission fee to ensure proper upkeep, each garden in the network must be open to the public.

Other factors include:

  • Coherence: a unified setting with repeating elements, textures and structural factors
  • Legibility: familiar patterns which bring an ease to making sense of the scene
  • Complexity: variety or diversity to ensure interest and keep viewers occupied
  • Mystery: the degree by which more information can be obtained by proceeding further into the scene

Becoming Part Of The Network

Gardens recommended for consideration as Gardens for Peace are researched and discussed by the Board of Directors. Once the Board votes to include them in the network, an application is sent to representatives of the garden.

The Gardens for Peace Planning Handbook, which outlines preparations for the garden dedication ceremony, is then sent to representatives of the selected garden and a designation date is determined.