Artists In Partnership

The Artists in Residence program is designed to provide a forum and an appreciative community for work that promotes international peace. Gardens for Peace initiated the program in 1999 and recognized these two artists for promoting peace through their art.

giaGeorgi “Gia” Japaridze, Sculptor
Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia

A native of Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, Mr. Japaridze became interested in art and sculpting at an early age and took classes through grade school at the “Pioneers Palace”, where artistic and musical children study crafts in what was then Soviet Georgia. He entered the Academy of Art in Tbilisi in 1962 and upon graduation in 1968 was selected as the Best Student. He continued studying there and served on the faculty until 1971. He was then honored by being named to the Society of Arts of the U.S.S.R. He presently has a private studio in Tbilisi, where sculpture students are allowed to watch him work. His sculptures can be seen in Holland, Italy and France, and in several sites in Russia. Three larger-than-life bronze horses created by Mr. Japaridze were displayed at the 1980 Moscow Olympics.

Mr. Japaridze’s lifesize bronze, “The Peace Tree”, was created especially for Gardens for Peace and is the focal point of the garden, which is located on the Swan Woods Trail at the Atlanta History Center.

s_dolfiSergio Dolfi, Sculptor
Atlanta, Georgia

Sergio Dolfi was born and educated in Florence, Italy, and holds a doctorate in economics from the University of Florence. Now retired from The Coca-Cola Company, his career took him to New York, Italy and England before moving to Atlanta in 1973. During his business career and following his retirement, he pursued sculpting, working primarily with exotic woods and is best known for the casts made from these wood carvings. His work is in numerous public and private collections both here and in Europe including Life of Georgia, Carter and Associates, Coca-Cola USA Art Collection and Kutak, Rock and Campbell.

Mr. Dolfi’s piece entitled “Birds” was placed in the second Garden for Peace in Tbilisi, Georgia during its dedication in 1989. The sculpture was cast in bronze from an original carving of Australian wood.